Local Data Backup Store

We install a local machine to a clients network to give them the fastest possible solution for data backup.  The data is then replicated off site to our remote network data store using encryption (rsync over SSH).  This local machine runs CentOS Linux for security and stability.  In using Samba on Linux to allow connectivity from any computer on the clients LAN to backup to.  Any PC, laptop, server or Mac, can then store data to this local data store.  We offer on a managed rental system the following two data storage options.

Dell Optiplex 745 / 755 / 380

For the smaller office installation, we recommend the following Dell Optiplex unit.  It is small, quiet, and easily managed remotely by ourselves for you.  Any machine on your network can then backup to it using any backup software of your choosing.  It is recommended that the space you request is at least twice the space you have currently used to allow for additional data to be added to your archive.

Dell Optiplex 755
The Dell Optiplex 755 that we use as a local data store in our data backup system.

  • Linux CentOS 6
  • Samba 3
  • Rsync over SSH
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Disc sizes from 500Gb to 4Tb
  • Free Standing
  • Super quiet operation
  • Super power saving 0.5 amps


  • Requires 1 static LAN address
  • Requires 1 public LAN address
  • Requires 1 firewall port opening

Rented Unit Breakdown Recovery

As with any mechanical item, fans fail, discs fail, components fail.  We pride ourselves in trying to have the most reliable network of components we can.  To achieve this, we have standardised on the above two Dell equipment models for a number of years as we have found them not only reliable, but, we can easily resolve issues by swapping standard parts quickly.  We keep a good stock of components always available.  This means that we can ship a replacement like for like machine and it be on your network within 72 hours (allowing for couriers at a weekend) and then return to base the failed unit.  This is a no cost feature of our data backup storage system should our unit fail.

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