RKive.IT gets around Crypto Virus

RKive.IT fixes a new strain of the crypto virus that formats a USB drive as soon as it is inserted to restore data.  The following is some advice to beat the crypto virus every time.

Mapped Drive Passwords

The crypto virus will use desktop short-cuts and the users drive mappings to find data to encrypt.  However, if only your backup software of choice knows the credentials to the mapped drive to your RKive.IT NAS unit, any virus running on the users PC under the user’s credentials will get an access denied when the virus tries to get at the RKive.IT’s unit data.  Never ever allow a user to map a drive to the RKive.IT unit direct.

USB Drives


The advise for people still using USB drives, instead of our RKive.IT service, for data backup is not to insert their latest backup to restore from, as it is now likely that the drive will be formatted and the latest backup will be lost.  Instead, insert a new USB drive or stick with dummy data on it, and see what happens first.  If the dummy data is intact, then it looks like you are safe to insert your latest backup in which to restore from.

Data Snapshots

Remember, that we offer a frequent snapshot service as a cost optional extra.  If you think that you have a big problem where some of your local RKive.IT store is now encrypted, you can do two things:

  1. Using your local RKive.IT units console, change the backup direction to “Off”.  This will stop the local store from replicating encrypted data to the off-site store.
  2. Ask us to snapshot your remote data store.


The advice is always to flatten a PC before rebuilding, then restoring your data from your local RKive.IT data store using your chosen backup software.  If necessary we can always help you with a copy of the data from the remote data store, you will be astounded at how fast this restores on a superfast fibre broadband connection these days, simply change your direction in the local RKive.IT unit’s control panel to “Restore”.

If you need any advice in dealing with the crypto virus, feel free to call for a chat as we are always more than happy to help.

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