Moving files to USB drives

I had an interesting conversation today with a PC user who thought that moving files from their computers (in which to save space) to a USB drive is a backup.

Multiple USB Drives


I explained that what they had is not a backup due to the fact that there is still only one copy of the files they have, and they are stored on the only USB drive they had shared between multiple computers.  In order to cater for a failure, theft or disaster, they should have at least three USB drives in which to save their files to, one of which should be rotated off-site at all times to cover for the eventuality of fire or theft.

As USB drives, even the smaller ones are around £60+VAT (sales tax) in the UK at the moment, having three such devices would mean an outlay to this business of around £225 to store all their data properly, so long as they remember to take and rotate the drives off-site, which they admitted to not doing all the time.

Off-Site Data Backup

Dell Optiplex 755

On the other hand, RKive.IT, our on-site and off-site data backup system, for this business costs just £20+VAT per month.  Over the year, the costs work out at £240+VAT only slightly more than having three USB drives, but, the system flawlessly remembers to replicate their data off site into our off site data backup storage vault.

With the launch of RKive.IT, there really is no excuse for small businesses to continue with a manual USB backup system, as for only a little more investment (payable monthly) they can rent a managed data backup solution and do it properly just as large enterprises do.

For more information on pricing or an informal chat, please feel free to call us on 0844 412 5801, and we will talk you through your data backup options and come up with a solution to meet your monthly budget.

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