Easy Data Backup and Recovery

RKive Control
RKive.IT Configuration and Status Control Panel

We have updated our status and configuration control panel on our local NAS data store that sits on a clients LAN.  Above is a screenshot shows how easy it is for an administrator to check the status of files both locally, remotely, how full the device is, as well as being able to change the IP address of the device should it be needed.  This basic no frills backup device control panel ensures that a client has the maximum visibility and comfort in our data backup system.

NAS to NAS synchronisation

During operation, an administrator can configure all aspects of the operation of the local NAS device.

Local NAS Store Status

The status of the device shows basic information like the operating system, NetBIOS name, and current direction (backup or restore) and if the backup store is idle or not.

Local NAS Shutdown or Restart

As no keyboard nor monitor is supplied with the NAS data backup device, there needs to be an option to shutdown or restart the device.  This can now be done from the control panel.

NAS LAN Settings

Setting of IP Addresses is easy, just enter the manually set IP address (DHCP is not used) and click “Save and Restart” to make the change.

NAS Sync Settings

Choose whether to backup, restore, or have the unit idle (not backing up nor restoring data).  Configure the remote data backup vault name on our wider area network.  Set any bandwidth throttling so to ensure that the device does not hog the customers Internet link.  Set the frequency in which to check for new files and sync them with the remote data backup store.

NAS Reports

Finally, better reporting, including: Space Used, a list of Local Files, a list of Remote Files, and the last active Transfer Log.

Software Updates

Additionally, our units will talk back to base, backup their settings, and look for software updates to make system administration zero maintenance for any busy admin.

For more information about getting hold of one of these units, please call us for an informal chat on UK 0844 412 5801 or ROI 01 254 2801.

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