Remember to Backup over Christmas

We would like to wish all of our RKive.IT clients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Having RKive.IT in your business, I am pleased to say that you need to do nothing extra with regards to data backup over Christmas and New Year, just take the time off, place the turkey in the oven, put your feet up, and enjoy your time away from your business safe in the knowledge that your data backup has been replicated to our off-site data storage facility.

However, for non RKive.IT computer users, please remember that you will have to manually remember to take a backup, come back into the office after it has completed to ensure that the USB drive has been taken off-site.  With the stress leading up to Christmas, with prices starting from just £20.00+VAT per month, why not place an order with Santa for an RKive.IT system.  Call us now on 0844 412 5801, and we will send a unit to Santa for delivery to your premises.

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